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Regular Weekly Classes include:

Street Jazz, Ballet, Modern & Tap
Special Pre-School classes
Adult Tap class
Singing and Drama classes

Pre School Ballet

Pre School Ballet for 2½ to 4½ year old children. This is a magical lesson including mime, the use of the imagination and the very basic beginning of the ballet technique.
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Pre-school children enjoying a baby ballet class.


The most important discipline for someone who wants to dance. Ballet forms the basis for all other dance styles as it helps develop strength, posture, grace, co-ordination, technique and musical awareness. We offer ballet for children from age 4½.
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Ballet helps develop strength, posture, grace and co-ordination.

Mini Movers

For 2½ to 4½ year old children. This is a fun class including basic movement, rhythm, modern and tap.
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Pre-school children enjoying music awareness at our mini movers class.


Modern is the technical form of jazz which all the musical stars study. Modern has a variety of styles including strong jazz style and a slow lyrical style. Classes are available for children from the age of 4½ years.
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Technical floor exercises in our modern class.

Street Jazz

An up to date fun class to learn all the new moves of the pop stars. Classes for children from age 7 to adult. There is also a jazz class specially for boys aged 7-11 years.
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Street jazz for all the latest moves of the popstars.


Tap dancing is a rhythmical stimulating style of dance which is a fun way of developing co-ordination and skill. Tap orginates from Irish dance and the English clog dance. Classes are available for children from ages 4½ to Adults. From beginners to advanced. It's a great way to keep fit and have fun.
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Tap dancing, fun and fitness for all ages and abilities.


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